Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics 8/8/2008

I generally don't get too personal with my feelings on my blog since everyone in the world can access it, but I felt inclined to do so today.

For anyone who missed Sunday's 8/10/08 Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay it was a MUST SEE!!! The race was incredible, I can't imagine how those 4 men must have felt after that race. I felt chills watching it, and it may be silly to say, but I almost wanted to cry. I felt great patriotism watching the US win such an amazing race!

I think I felt so connected to it because I grew up swimming and know how hard it is to make a come back like that. After the race, I began to reflect on my past as a swimmer and all the wonderful experiences I had. I learned a lot from being on a swim team, though swimming is generally an individual event, I learned a lot about team work, making the most out of your triumphs and defeats, I developed a lot of confidence, and surprisingly a strong testimony on the Word of Wisdom (those of you unfamiliar with the Word of Wisdom, it is a health code that Latter Saints live includes abstaining from coffee, tea, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and includes eating a healthy diet). I watched many excellent athletes fall into the party scene in high school and lose their ability to become great athletes.

As I look back, I feel gratitude for my swimming ability that I've been blessed with, for great coach's that spent endless hours working with me, for all the great friendships I developed, and for all the wonderful things I learned...Though I may not have very many outward talents or should I say hobbies (which I often complain scrapbooking, decorating, cooking, etc...) I am grateful for my one talent in swimming.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Oh Canada..." Anyone else know the rest of their national anthem?

For our summer vacation this year we went on the first annual Hunt/Gainor Family vacation. Our destination was the land of the great white north, hockey, the looney, the phrase "eh", and the word BEG..."would you like a beg for that, no I won't beg, I'll pay for my item, but a BAG would be nice" Dan's most embarassing, yet favorite line to say! If you haven't guessed by the title, then yes, we went to Canada. It was a wonderful trip and one of the most beautiful places that we've been to. Not to mention the incrediable home of Jonathan's parents, filled with fresh air, flowers, good conversation, the softest linens in the world and AWESOME food and baked goods...Thanks Gainor parents! Here we are on the ferry ride from Washington to Vancouver Island. We even got to see some killer whales off in the distance.

We spent our first night in Seattle. For those of you raised by wolves in a cave, that is the Spaceneedle behind us. The view at the top was amazing.
We were glad we brought the duct tape to tie up our kids in case they got out of hand, but who would have guessed it would have come in so handy to complete the back seat entertainment center.
A tender moment before getting on the ferry to Canada.
Barbs Place Fish n' Chips in Victoria Harbor. We almost walked around the whole island to find this place. But it was well worth the walk. It was a very popular place, we had to turn away three sets of grannies that wanted to sit at our table.
The Empress Hotel in Victoria. I don't think Jonathan knew he was in the picture. Because if he did know, he surely wouldn't be standing there with his hand on his hip like that. Very cute Jonathan.
Moments after leaving the Empress Hotel on our way to do some shopping, we were vicously attacked by some Canadians....birds that is. I was in front pushing Mackenzie, when all of a sudden I heard a splatter all around my feet, like someone had poured a bucket of mud off the top of the building. Then I heard a scream from behind me. The splatter was bird poo hitting the cement, what I didn't hear was all of the poo that hit Janay in the head, back, face, and Jonathan's back. This all happened in front of a corner cafe with everyone watching and laughing. A lady walked by and told Janay, "welcome to Canada." Melissa performed an emergency wash on Janay's head with a bottle of water and hand lotion. But the hand lotion was no match for the overwhelming stench of seagull excrement with a seafood diet.

On Friday we went deep sea fishing in the Pacific Ocean for Salmon and Halibut. For fear of losing our lunches we all wore sea sickness patches, and took a dramamine pill. This cocktail of seasickness medication, and waking at 4 in the morning made for a tiring day, but we all had a good time. We caught a couple of Red Snaper, and walked away with our lunches intact.
It may be July, but that memo didn't quite make it to Canada, it was COLD up there!!

On Saturday we went to the Buchart Gardens. Definitely the most beautiful gardens I have ever been to.
Kenzie smelling the flowers.
And what would a family vacation be without running out of clothes for your boy! We stopped at Taco Bell before all of our flights took off, but at Taco Bell, no shirt, no shoes, no service. Since Isaac's clothes were currently soaked, his sister was kind enough to lend him a sweater so he could enjoy a cheesy roll up inside.
Thanks Gainor family for doing all of the work to organize this vacation for us! We had a great time, and look forward to the 2nd Annual Hunt/Gainor Vacation!!
PS...don't forget your permanent resident card. Jonathan forget his card and was held up at US immigration, he barely made it on the ferry back to Washington. He sprinted to get to the boat and within seconds from leaping from the dock to the boat, the boat pulled away. It was a close call.