Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crazy Cakes!

Within a 2 week period, I've got Dan's, Mackenzie's, and Connor's birthday. Talk about timing, I think our next child needs a different birthday month. During this month baking, decorating, and eating cake rules our life. I can't stand the thought of cake after the 2 weeks. Every year I swear I won't make another time consuming crazy cake, but every year I can't resist! Don't look too closely (I'm still perfecting my frosting skills), this was Kenzie's Mini Mouse cake. It took me 4 hours to decorate it. And that doesn't include the baking time to make the cake.

Originally I made her bow out of a "fruit by the foot", but as time past the black die discolored the bow, and so I was forced to place a real bow over the top of it.

I made Connor his own personal Mickey Mouse cake, which he loved not just eating it, but squishing the frosting and cake between his fingers and throwing it on my Kitchen floor. Not to mention he loved tossing the cake plate on the floor and watching it shatter. (NOTE: Cake eating for small children should take place outside).

His poor face was stained black for a day.