Wednesday, January 30, 2008

July Events 2007
*We went to Lake Tahoe for the 4th of July with Brad and Becca. It was the best firework show. Also, Brad taught us the origin of the Martin Harris Pagent songs.
*Brian Hunt's family and momma-uh came to visit
*The Middletons took us River Rafting
*We drove down to LA in Brad and Becca's car. They droped us off in Newport Beach to spend the weekend on Balboa Island with the Koutz Family for a reunion.
*The Koutz reunion consisted of eating lots of Balboa ice cream bars, going to Universal Studios and enjoying the Southern California Sun.
*We celebrated our 3 year Anniversary
*We drove with Brad and Becca to Utah for the Hunt family reunion
*July ended the "Summer of Love" and Brad and Becca flew to New York to start medical school. All the Hunt Grandkids
The Koutz bike ride in Newport Beach

4th of July in Tahoe. Poor Mackenzie, Dan thought it would be funny to cart her in her stroller without her carseat. Janay stopped that right away.
Mackenzie and her younger cousin Jefferson sporting the TRUE BLUE. GO MIGHTY COUGARS!
On our way to the Jelly Belly Factory Aunt Becca thought it would be fun to put Kenzie in her own seat.
The Hunt reunion
The 2007 pics don't end here, click on "older post" to veiw all of 2007!


Jill said...

Well Hunts, you ARE cool now. Welcome to the fun. I love the top 12 idea.

Hope to see you soon!

Lizzy said...

Well aren't you guys just full of fun! Welcome to the Blogger. It'll be fun to keep up with all the happs with the Hunts. I'm trying to get better about updating our blog, but you know how that goes. Happy 2008!

Tbone said...

I grant you 2-3 coolness points for starting the blog. If your posts are good enough, I may grant you more points. Good luck.