Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Love Cops

You know what I really love? Bored policemen. They can really make your day. Last Sunday I left my place at 6:50 AM to be at a 7:00 AM church meeting. For those of you who don't frequent Sacramento Streets during pre-dawn hours, there is no one out but Bishopric members, High Councilors, and other folks who go to PEC. Evidently this group of people have a problem with speeding because the Sacramento County Sheriffs department is out in force to make sure we all slow down. Anyway, the Sheriff pulled me over, took my driver's license, and 20 minutes later gave me a ticket for what he "estimated" was 60 in a 45. Had I know it was going to take half a millenia to write a ticket I would have read the good word, or done some home teaching or something productive.

I hope the judge likes me because I need to go to traffic school so my insurance rates don't rise. My red-light violation this summer is supposed to lock me out of traffic school for the next two years. I need my VW beetle back, that thing wouldn't go faster than 35 without the engine catching fire.


The Gainors said...

i think the stake president should pay the ticket. and yeah- "tagged" means you are supposed to answer the same questions, but on your own blog. kapish? i'm sure that is not how you spell that but it fealt right. love you guys? hey, what's with the word verification thingy on your comments? have you had a problem with hackers trying to bust in here or what?

The Gainors said...

that ? at the end of "love you guys" was supposed to be an ! to show how emphatic i was. it's not a question, i'm sure of it.