Saturday, March 29, 2008

San Franisco Parking!

For the Easter weekend, we went to San Francisco with our friends the Newcomers. Parking in San Francisco is an expensive pain in the neck. We had two places we wanted to visit before we went to a baptism for (Mackenzie's play buddy...Ethan)a friend of ours. One place was by Fisherman's wharf, and the other was by Union Square, the two worst places in SF to try to park. We first went to Fisherman's wharf and like a diamond in the rough found a free two hour parking spot a block away from the store we wanted to go to. We did our shopping, gave thanks for the parking spot and sadly left it for dinner, knowing this truly was a special spot. Next we headed to dinner near union square. We came upon our restaurant and hunted a parking spot like a cheetah hunts its prey. Lo and behold, as we pulled up a car was leaving directly across the street from the restaurant, I parrell parked black beauty with the aid of sensors and my wife, and we were moved almost to the point of tears at our luck. Once again, free for two hours. We had a most delicious meal of chicken tika masala and naan, then headed for the baptism in Burlingame. Our friend warned us that the parking at "St. Paul's Church" could be nasty, but I knew this day was special. I drove towards the church with a sense of hubris only a naive young man could possess, determined to conquer all bay area parking. We pulled up to the church, and without a hint of surprise, there was one spot left, directly in front of the entrance to the church. I parked and stepped out with a bit of a swagger, for I knew today, I was a champion. Mere mortals only dream of days like this...

New Golf Pants and Polo: $38.67
Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan: $15.00
Parking: $0.00

Spending the afternoon in San Franciso and walking no more than 150 feet from storefront to steering wheel...priceless.


The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

LOL - we can all relate to the lack of parking (or the expense of parking, should you choose to pay for it) in are quite the "lucky charm."

kristin said...

Okay, this was seriously funny! I love how you write! I'm still laughing. I concur to pain in the butt parking down there. The Parking Angel must have loved you guys that day! The Parking Angel rarely likes us. I'm not sure what we did to offend it. As to Napa, I'll have to mention to Doug to take a day trip down there. We've only been there once for a wedding so we didn't get to really "experience Napa." thanks for the tip!

Tbone said...

Um, I read this post about 20 minutes ago..and I am still laughing. It hasn't even started to dwindle into a chuckle yet, its full-bore belly laughter coming out..and that makes for some SERIOUS laughter coming from ol' Tbone. No mention of improvisational "getting to know each other" clothes-changing sessions in Black Beauty in front of parishioners, with sound effects and vehicular motion to boot?