Friday, February 13, 2009

Boy, oh BOY!

In case you haven't heard, we are excepting a baby boy May 4th. We are excited for the addition to our family. Adding a second child to the family has made me a little nervous. I have lots of questions...
How do I balance time with each child?
Do I buy a double stroller and if so what brand?
Do I circumcise or listen to my doctor that says don't circumcise?
Why aren't boy clothes just a cute as girl clothes? Seriously, there is a lack of variety out there!
What do we name him? (Dan and I are having a hard time finding a name for this little guy.)
The questions are endless. But when all is said and done, we can't be HAPPIER about bring this baby into the world.


Laura C. said...

oh, boys are fun! Yay!

kristin said...

Oh my, I had the exact same thoughts when we found out Andon was a boy! It took us practically up to the time he was born to come up with his name, and our first REAL shopping trip for him left me depressingly aware that there is not a lot of boy stuff. On the other hand, we spent less money on boy stuff than we did girl stuff. I swear, Teaghan had more shoes than I did when she was two.
Congrats again!!!
Good luck coming up with a name, you definitely don't want anything "woosie" as Doug describes it:) He's going to be just as cute and fun as McKenzie!

Pollock Family said...

Boys are wiggle-y! Good luck with the names and don't be trying to copy us again! Oh Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow... I should find that pic we took years ago. Good ole times.

*My vote for double stroller is I LOVE my side-by-side-Jeep-umbrella-stroller, but not so easy for getting in a out of doors if you're going to the mall. My SIL has a big honker double fancy stroller... possibly weighs 1,000,000,000 pounds (she won't push it). Put Mackenzie in there and push her around the store for 30 minutes and then add another kid on top of that.

Amy and Sean said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so excited for you guys! I don't have a girl, so I can't really compare...but boys are soooo much fun! I found picking a boy's name difficult as well, and the clothes situation is very disappointing. I hate shopping for Ian because they'll have like one rack of boys clothes and twenty and girls clothes! It's not really fair. Congrats again!!

Georgia said...

boys are good fun! We are about to have another at the end of March.
As for the cloths you'll learn where to find the cute stuff but there is far more for girls BOO...we have problems with names to it took us 7 months to come up with Kieran and Im pretty sure this next one wil be Chase
(feel free to use either if you like I not the kind of person who cares about that)
Just dont use aiden or catden or he will forever be Aiden H or Cayden H..everone and their dog uses that name!
Anyhoo I miss your face! Hope your going good!

Afton said...

You'll have enough time for each child. Just think of all the quality time you'll have with the little guy at 2AM! We don't have a double stroller. But you need one. I just have Nate or Annalynn push Evan in the umbrella stroller and I push Jenika. Don't listen to your doctor. He should be the same as dad to "circumvent" any future questions. Nothing says cuter than suspenders, hats and bow ties. A pair of glasses makes little boys SUPER cute! I still like the names Eli and Garrett. You can steal them because we won't use them. I LOVE boys so much that I decided to have two! We are happy that you are bringing a baby into the world too. You sure do make them cute. I think you need a redhead this time though. :)

Nicole said...

Let me tell you BOYS are the best. You will learn as you go, I used my double a dozen times and now it just collects dust in my garage. Old navy is wear it's at for boy clothes. And as for the "snip" I wish I never had it done because it didn't heal right and now he has to get it re-done at 3. (Sorry to put your biznaz out there Jace.) and I know a super cute redhead boy named Landon. Thats a good name.

Amanda said...

You'll love having a boy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

YAY for boys! Congrats!

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Just think to the future if you think he'll care if it looks "different." I have one perfect snip, & one not so perfect. Either way, it's not like they go around showing it off. Hopefully anyway.......

The McGraths said...

You will figure out how to balance the time. It's different for everyone. It will come to you easier than you think.
All double strollers SUCK! The cheap kind to the expensive. They are big and heavy and they all work. You will definately need one!
Boy clothes, that pretty much is as tough as you think, Target is getting better but my favorites have come from Old Navy and Gymboree.
Boy names are the hardest! Jared and I struggled for boy names. It's hard cause the guys always play the masculine card at every name. So good luck, hopefully your husband wont be as difficult as mine was! has a baby name database. I went there and found 26 names I liked (one for every name of the alphabet) and typed it up for Jared. Of course he hated all of them but check there, there are tons of names.
Yeah for boys! They are so energetic and fun. Congratulations, I'm very excited for you!

Emily Heizer said...

YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I am very happy for you two- now you have one of each "kind"! LOL :)

The answer to all of your questions is of course on The Meanest Mom's blog, written by Jana Matthews. She's a PhD who had 3 children within the same calendar year- a daughter, and twin boys 8 months later, and noe has a 3rd son.

You'll love what you read!

(She's LDS too.)

One word I have to pipe in about circumcision... when I was a preschool teacher way back when, I had a student who was not circum. and he had to have surgery as a young boy because the skin.... grew on him...? He basically had to have surgery to fix it, and get circumsized then. Not fun for him. Therefore, I have always been sufficiently traumatized by that event to swear to circumsize any little boys I may have. lol

But of course, the bottom line is for you guys to make a decision on your own without the doctor's input- it's not his/her child, it's yours. SO make the choice that's best for you, either way. :)


Emily Heizer said...

Oh, and The Children's Place has some really adorable boys things. I have been online shopping for a friend in Utah who is just about 19 weeks and we've gotten adorable goods from there for a great price.

Melinda Jones said...

Yippee! Little boys are the best (of course I am not biased). I am so excited for you guys! Don't stress about the clothes thing, there are a lot of fun things out there, but then again I am saying that without being in love with little sparkly red shoes or pink swimming suits! We are so happy for you!

The Gainors said...

you are so cute. answers. the kids decide how you balance your time by when they decide to sleep. they never sleep at the same time so when one naps you get one on one time. definately a double stroller-combi is the best brand, hands down. absolutely circumsise. dan should get that. i fealt sorry for both my boys before they got it done. soooo much better after. boy clothes are getting cuter but just think of the money you will save. and you should name him Noah. i love that name and didn't get to use. love and miss you guys. hopefully we'll get to see you soon.

Lauren said...

You have too many comments. I have nothing more to add. I've heard that Lauren can be a boys name too. But I always felt kind of bad for the boys named Lauren because I think that over several generations, females have sort of won that name over. As for clothes, you've always been extremely talented at finding cute things (even at Ross!)'ll do fine.I'm so excited for you.

Lauren said...

After thinking about it for about 10 minutes. I could see you with a Max, Paul, James, Skyler or Ethan. Doesn't "little Max and Mackenzie" sound so cute!