Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleep-over with Chicken Pot Pie...GROSS!

Our sweet little Kenzie...
This morning she woke up, came into our room, and I noticed that her left check looked a little swollen. When I asked her to come closer to examine her check,

she said...."mommy this taste yuck!",
I said, "What taste yuck? What do you have in your mouth?",
she said, "That stuff....It's yuck"! It was then I realized what she meant.

The night before I had made chicken pot pie for dinner, I told her, that if she wanted to eat anymore Christmas candy she would need to finish her dinner (which she wasn't too fond of).

In her lengthy attempt to finish her dinner, she fell asleep on our couch and never finished eating her last bit of chicken pot pie. The poor girl slept all night with that in her gross!

Fortunately, her mouth wasn't swollen, it just looked that way because of the pot pie being tucked into the side of her check.

After she spit out the pot pie we had a nice little chat about finishing our food before falling asleep, and then had a vigorous tooth brushing session.

The things you need to teach your kids, I NEVER would have thought!


Rochelle said...

Hilarious! I can't believe she didn't swallow it during the night!

Rebecca said...

I like her facial expression. So cute. Miss you guys!

theAley-ens said...

CUTE! I'm glad she didn't choke on do the strangest things!!!

Erixgirl said...

Oh my gosh.....that's hilarious. I remember one of mine falling asleep with chocolate in her mouth in the car and every time she shifted position....melted chocolate would drizzle out of her mouth -- yuck, haha!

I can't blame Kenzie though.....some times I'm just that tired that it doesn't matter what I'm doing....I'm gonna sleep!