Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank goodness for toilets!

Let the truth be life has been put aside, you may not see or hear too much of me in the next few months. I'm pregnant with our 2nd baby. For those of you who were around for my 1st pregnancy, you remember how sick I was. Well, nothing has changed this time around. I've set up camp in my bathroom, the toilet and I have become good friends unfortunately the toilet knows more about me than I would like. Mackenzie has been a real trooper, she is learning to become her own women, much to my dismay. And poor Dan has been wonderful, he works all day, goes to school all night, then comes home and takes care of all the household duties that need to be attended to.

Though pregnancy gets the best of me, we are still excited for #2 we can't wait to meet our little one in the end of April / beginning of May.


Laura C. said...

Janay, I totally owe you for watching my kids way back when, so whenever Mackenzie needs some distraction (besides watching her mother getting friendly with the toilet) totally call me! I'll even pick her up if you need me to!

Hope you feel better soon. There's always hope right?

The Gainors said...

I guess this next little one will be angelic too. Be grateful that it will only by nine months, and then you will have another quiet, perfect, sweet, quiet, sleeping, quiet baby. Did I say quiet? Yeah that.

Nicole said...

hang in there Janay. My heart goes out to you.

Pamela said...

Congrats Janay! I wish I was closer and could help you out. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Hope that you start to feel better soon.

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Whenever I am preggers, the toilet is the only clean thing in the house (including kids). I can't stand spending so much time with it, practically in it, & seeing all the grossness. So I always barf, bleach, barf, bleach, etc. People like us have special blessings awaiting!!

Georgia said...

I feel you for you...Im in the same boat (due at the end of March) but here in Canada there is a prescription that is 100% safe to take that is specifically for pregnancy so I can cope with the 9 months of all day sick...morning sickness my @#$
Whoever said pregnancy was magical was never pregnant!