Sunday, June 29, 2008

"...Deep in the heart of Texas..."

If you can stand the HEAT, Dallas, TX is a great place to visit!

My sister flew Kenzie and I out so I could babysit while she and my niece went to girls camp.

Kenzie and I had a great time...despite flying standby and waiting in the Sacramento airport for 6 hours with no available flights, then deciding to drive down to San Jose to fly out the next day into Austin with a 2 hour wait to fly to Dallas. My Kenzie did great! She was so patient, thank goodness, and I meet a lot of nice people, which made the wait more pleasant. Though the standby situation wasn't ideal, there can be many perks to flying standby, I wouldn't do it otherwise!

Kenzie loved playing with her cousins
This was an EXTREME fire making display. My sister and niece learned how to make campfire out of delicious treats
When my Sister and niece got back from girls camp, we traveled to a nearby resort called "Great Wolf Lodge". I prefer to call it "Great Bear Lodge" mostly because I kept forget the name but also because I just finished reading "Twilight" and the Vampires in the book had wolf like characteristics. So I wanted a different association with the resort. Not that a bear is anybetter, maybe I should have renamed it "Great Dove or maybe Duck Lodge" they are kind animals.
The lodge was AWESOME, I recommended it to any family that loves the water. They had a huge water park mostly indoor with a few slides and wading pools out doors. Above was just one of the few insane water slides they had. We had a blast, and Kenzie loved it!
The little ones at the baby pool
My sister with half of her family


Susette said...

We had a lot of fun too. Thanks foryour help we also enjoyed spending time with Miss Kenzie as Corinne would say
"Great Wolf/ bear lodge!"

Andrew and Lauren said...

Looks like fun. That Gavin is studly...I should have waited!!

Tbone said...

Well Ki-yi-yipee-yipee-ki-yi-yay! Never been to TX besides the Airport at DFW. I've heard that the king of all waterparks, known as the Schlitterbahn is somewhere in the Lone Star State. From the pics you posted though, it looks like you went to quite a park too. You should write a detailed review about the Sacramento Airport, since you had a 6 hour tour of the place. Next time we plan on visiting SMF, we'll ask you for some travel tips.

Pollock Family said...

The pic of Kenzie and her cousin at church... totally looks like they could BOTH be yours! Those are some strong Koutz genes:) Looks like a fun trip, minus the flying.

Amanda said...

New York, now Texas. Where to next??

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Come on...take off the towel & show us what you got!! Looks like fun.

Tracy Haws said...

I'm so bummed I didn't know in time you were coming out to Texas. I'm right outside Dallas and literally 15 minutes from the Great Wolf Lodge! Where does your sister live? We'll be here for quite some time yet and so next time you come out to visit let me know!!!

Lizzy said...

I have been meaning to tell you how sad I was to miss you while you were in the great state of Texas. Glad you enjoyed your visit (especially that 2 hours at the awesome Austin airport)

Jae said...

Janay, it is Jae LoFranco. I googled you because I haven't seen you pop up on the Facebook movement and I have really wanted to get in touch with you, and here you are!! Please email me, I would love to talk to you and catch up.