Sunday, June 1, 2008

1st B-day, Mother's Day, New York!

Mackenzie loves to swim, so we had a swim party with our family and friends!

My friend Stephanie made Mackenzie's personal sized birthday cupcake, it was so cute! CRAZY ME made a "Kenzieland" cake. I thought it would be "fun" to make the cake, make the homemade strawberry filling, homemade icing, and then decorate it. I think I bit off more than I could chew because this cake was so big and so overwhelming! I'll NEVER do it again!

Mother's Day
Do I finally look like a domestic Diva?...P.S. I have shorts on under this apron!

For Mother's Day, Dan bought me an apron that I've been wanting for a long time. My friend Stephanie Lewis makes these aprons. Stephanie is so crafty, she can reproduce pretty much anything you can find at Pottery Barn. You can find he stuff on her blog Thanks Dan for buying it, thanks Stephanie for making it!

"Start Spreading the News" I Love New York!!!!!

My Mother-in-law, Mackenzie, and I took a flight to Rochester, New York to welcome the newest Hunt grandchild Alexis Reid. I must say Becca, Dan's sister has made the adjustment to motherhood look quite easy. We found lots of fun things to do in Rochester...

Alexis is so beautiful!

Mackenzie and I in the "Sacred Grove"

*The fun in Rochester!
-Shopping at Walmart
-Taking a tour of the University of Rochester Medical School
-Eating a nice picnic lunch with bees, and Jail birds (convicts)
-Visiting the amazing Wagman's, along with their greeting cards, and we can't forget the "Special Joey" Sandwich
-Visiting all the church sites. The Sacred Grove was beautiful, it brought me back to my days as a missionary on Temple Square.
-Picking fruit at the Farmers Market, and seeing some really "cool condos"
-The best part was Becca driving the wrong way on a one way road
-We had a great time, thanks for all the FUN!!!!


kristin said...

The temple is gorgeous! That is one that I would love to visit!! I'm so jealous you got to be in the grove. I bet that was amazing. Looks like you had a lot of fun!
p.s. Thanks for all your hard work in Activity Days! The girls sure look forward to them!

B&B said...

I too love blogs about me :) Soooo glad you came out! We love and miss you!
PS. love the picture of Kenzie's cheesy grin by the hot tub

Rebecca said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun, busy, summer. Kenzie is so cute! Let us know when you guys are coming out and maybe we can get together!

Laura C. said...

I cracked up that you felt the need to establish that you DID have clothes on under that apron. I bet Dan would be more glad he bought it for you if you didn't ;)

Jill said...

FYI, she's a doll and you ARE a hot momma. Do you really need shorts under the apron?

I love the baby shots, and you all look great!

Amanda said...

The cake turned out cute!

Melinda and Taylor said...

I can't believe she is one year old already! Wow, does time fly. She sure is a cutie. Kenzie has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Jackson is looking forward to meeting his betrothed.

Pollock Family said...

First of all it's the "sacred grove"... what else can you say? Amazing.

Second I LOVE those aprons. I've seen them that someone in Sacramento has a web page selling them. Almost bought one, but still too cheap. So cute on you!

From all the little Hunt's in Huntville said...

Mackenzie is so dang cute! Loved the giant cupcake and birthday cake you made. You are so awesome. Did she have a sugar high after all that cake? Can't wait to see her in person again. Love your guts.